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  2. For additional support or information contact your counselor or school principal. 
  3. For district programs and supports, contact our district office.

Staff List

Name Position Email Phone Website
Don Crider Principal & COVID Site Supervisor 253-571-2200  
Michael Elford Assistant Principal 253-571-2200 Website 
After School YMCA Panther Center YMCA Panther Center (253) 571-2219  
Alexis Mararac College Success Foundation 253-571-2285 Website
Allison Arglen Nurse 253-571-2200  
Alyssa Butterfield Para 253-571-2200  
Amanda Zylstra PE 253-571-2237 Website 
Attendance - Ann Allegro Attendance 253-571-2208  
Bekki Carmon Para 253-571-2272  
Bernadette Dickson 7th  grade Science

Brad Price 5th Grade Band/Orchestra 253-571-4845  
Brady Miller 6th grade Math 253-571-2229 Website 
Brandye Guiler 6th Grade Science 253-571-2265 Website 
Cal-Jean Lloyd-Wagner 6th Language Arts 253-571-2261 Website 
Carinna Tarvin Teacher Librarian 253-571-2240  
Casey Moore 6th Grade Avid 253-571-2274  
Connie Shines 7th Grade Language Arts 253-571-2225 Website 
Custodian - Mr. Don Custodian 253-571-2227  
Daneen Housman AVID 7/8    
David Bee Band/Orchestra (TOL) 253-571-2228 Website 
David Cook Physical Therapist 253-571-2250  
Eva Nosan 6th Grade Math 253-571-2263 Website 
Gabriel Newton 7th Grade Science 253-571-2234  
Hayley Hathaway Dean/Athletic Director 253-571-2212  
Haylie Tulupan Math 253-571-2232 Website 
Heather Hand Speech Therapist hhand@Tacoma.K12.Wa.US 253-571-2250  
Hillary Albert 8th Grade Math 253-571-2274 Website 
Jacob Canini Art 253-571-2247 Website 
Jennifer Kazda LRC Literacy 253-571-2223 Website 
Joe Meyer Social Studies 253-571-2231 Website 
John Frazier Counselor M-Z 253-571-2205  
Jose Mata Spanish 253-571-2252 Website 
Kaitlyn Calhoun 7th ELA 253-571-2200  
Kat Appleby ASB/Leadership 253-571-2245 Website 
Lauren Noble Counselor A-L 253-571-2207 Website 
Lori Cooney ELA 6 253-571-2273  
Marcus Scott Security 253-571-2257  
Mary Woodard 6th Grade ELA/AVID 253-571-2283  
Maya Dahal Para 253-571-2242  
Michael Gilbert 8th Grade Language Arts 253-571-2243 Website 
Michael Madden Autism/Developmental Program 253-571-2242 Website 
Michelle Martinez 7th Grade Math MMARTIN3@Tacoma.K12.Wa.US 253-571-225 Website 
Nancy Paschall Nurse 253-571-2220  
Noreen Marzano Cafeteria 253-571-2236  
Odessa Russell 8th Grade Language Arts 253-571-2254 Website 
Patty Irish TLC Paraprofessional 253-571-2272  
Put Hale LRC Literacy/AVID 253-571-2273 Website 
Renee Hale Office Coordinator 253-571-2206  
Rebecca Hinkel 8th Grade Science 253-571-2255 Website 
Robert Gatbunton PE/ASB 253-571-2238 Website 
Robert Kroker CTE Robotics 253-571-2271 Website 
Robin Brooks-Johnson Indian Education Liaison 253-571-2210  
Sara Ketelsen Instructional Coach 253-571-2251  
Sarah Tomkinson 8th Grade Science 253-571-2246 Website 
Shontia Copeland-Walton Panther Center - YMCA 253-571-2219  
Steve Carlsen 6th Grade Science 253-571-2276 Website 
Stewart Library Library 253-571-2240 Website 
Taleaha Bradley CTE Media 253-571-2277  
Tania Ceccarelli Registrar    
Tanya Waller TLC 253-571-2272 Website 
Tracy Pennington Psychologist tpennin@Tacoma.K12.Wa.US 253-571-2214