Academics, activities, attitude: Life begins after 3.0.


At Stewart we build individuals, community, and the future.

Academics: We collaborate, open our practice, pursue meaningful professional development, and relentlessly strive for excellence.

Activities: We partner with the community to promote positive experiences for students outside the classroom, encourage them to explore their interests, and spark their ideas about making their mark in a global society.

Attitude: We engage the whole child to shape resilient students who grab hold of their learning, thrive in these middle years, and succeed here, in high school, and beyond.

Stewart Middle School Facts

Stewart has received a state grant that will allow us to implement several strategies to help students succeed throughout middle school and into high school. These are just a few of the grants improvements:​

  • Smaller core classroom sizes (math, science, language arts).
  • AVID for all 6th graders.
    • AVID (Achievement Via Individual Determination) is a program designed to teach the skills that students need in every class and for High school and beyond:
      • Notetaking
      • Organization skills
      • Study skills
      • Testing skills
      • Goal setting - goal setting for each class, each semester, middle school, high school and after graduation.
      • College planning for scholarships, applications, course offerings by declared majors
  • Daily Advisory brings the learning together; check grades, organize materials, daily announcements, and Social Emotional Learning. 
  • Progress monitoring tools to help us collect data on student growth without excessive testing and inform students, parents and teachers on progress.
  • Small colleges within a school. Each grade level will be divided in half and given a local college name. Each college will be approximately 100 students.
    • That college will have an assigned principal, counselor, and five teachers (math, science, language arts, specialist)
  • High School credit courses in math, technology and foreign language.
  • After school enrichment activities supported by the YMCA, Metro Parks, Urban League and others.
  • Staff support and improvement all year. Daily common planning time for teachers, a full time instructional coach, 6 days of training before school started with national presenters and practices aligned with Common Core, grading and best practices.​​
Life Begins After 3 Point 0 Graphic


Champions are not born at Stewart, Champions are made at Stewart

School Leadership Team 


Principal ~ Don Crider
Assistant Principal ~ Mike Elford
Dean of Students ~ Hayley Hathaway